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Two floor-standing banners advertising Regal Radio.

The Regal Radio Committee are a group of local radio enthusiasts. They are committed to operating the station, promoting events, developing members’ interests in radio productions and bringing our passion for music to the airwaves. Oh, and of course, keeping everything on air and running smoothly!

Mike Kelly

Station Manager Mike has over 40 years’ experience in the radio industry. Mike leads the volunteer team of presenters. Join him on air for the Big Easy Breakfast.

Willie Evans

Treasurer Willie looks after the money at Regal Radio.

Margot Ferguson

Secretary Margot takes care of administrative matters and all things secretarial. Hear her on Wednesdays on the Margot Ferguson show.

Andrew Barron

Chief Engineer Andrew is responsible for making sure that the station is online and working. He also manages social media and the website.

Terry Flannigan

Non-executive member Terry is here to keep the rest of the committee in check.