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You’re visiting a website which is run and managed by AWMB. We have a very simple approach to privacy - we don’t want your data.

We collect as little about you as we reasonably can while still operating our websites and getting information to help us to improve them. We also actively avoid using third party things on our website which collect your data.

With that in mind, there are a few things on our site which do hold some information about you. Here’s a list:

  • Our servers, like all web servers, keep a log of what pages you request. It helps us to identify and troubleshoot problems on our websites, such as if a certain page is refusing to load.
    • These logs hold the page you visited, any error codes which may have come up, your browser’s user agent (including your operating system, which browser you’re using, etc), and may include your IP address.
    • These are erased after, at most, 2 months.
    • The legal basis for collecting this information is legitimate interest. Your browser provides this information to every site you visit, and without it we can't show you the website.
  • We use a third party service, Cloudflare, to manage DNS, as well as to speed up and optimise our websites.
    • They hold information which may include but is not limited to IP addresses, system configuration information, and other information about traffic to and from their networks - like our server logs. Like us, they collect and use this data to operate, maintain, and improve their services.
    • They don't record their server access logs, unless your request resulted in an error. In this case, the log is stored for 3 days.
    • The legal basis for collecting this information is legitimate interest. You can read their privacy policy on their website.
  • We use an analytics service to help improve our websites, and for troubleshooting. We run this analytics service on our own servers - your data isn’t passed on to a third party for this.
    • This stores cookies on your device so our site remembers your identifier. If you opt-out, your device will store a cookie to remember you've opted out - otherwise the site will keep asking you over and over again if you consent to analytics or not.
    • This includes data like:
      • Your anonymised IP address - if your IP address is, we’ll store 192.168.XX.XX,
      • A randomly-generated ID,
      • Date and time of the request, in our and your time zone,
      • Title and URL of the page you’re visiting, and the URL of the page you came from,
      • Your screen resolution,
      • A note of any files you’ve downloaded from us, or if you click a link on our website to a third-party website,
      • How long it takes for the page to be made by our server and then sent to your computer,
      • Your approximate location, based on your IP address,
      • The main language of your browser,
      • The User Agent of your browser - from this, we detect your browser, operating system, device used (desktop, tablet, mobile, TV, cars, console, etc.), brand and model,
      • When you first visited the website, when you last visited the website, and how many times you’ve visited.
    • After 3 days, we delete all of this and keep only aggregate information: for example, “500 people visited from the UK this week”, or “43% of visitors used an iPhone running Safari to view the website”.
    • The lawful basis for collecting this information is consent. You can opt in and out of analytics tracking here:
    • If you’d like us to delete any personally-identifiable data we hold from analytics, you can wait 3 days after withdrawing consent for it to be deleted automatically, or email us at [email protected] and let us know you're from the Regal Radio website and that your browser has the following Visitor ID: Could not find Visitor ID - please refresh the page.
      • Note that if you've removed consent or if your cookies have been cleared recently, your visitor ID may have changed and have no data associated with it. In this case, we can't retrieve any information about you (since we don't know what your previous identifiers may have been).
  • If you email us, we'll store whatever you send us in that email, including headers.
    • The lawful basis for this processing is contract.
  • If you make a donation, Stripe will handle your payment details. You can read their privacy policy on their website.
  • Deleted information may be kept in backups for up to 2 months. We only access these backups for data recovery.

Our primary servers where we store our analytics data and server logs are within the UK, with encrypted backups in the US. Our third-party DNS and optimisation service uses servers worldwide - it’s part of how they make things faster - so their server logs are also worldwide.

Note that this policy might change from time to time, and you won't necessarily be notified of the changes unless you check back here periodically.

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AK Limos

The AK Limos logo.

Wedding cars and stretch limos to add a touch of class to any occasion.


Allan Gowland Locksmith

Allan Gowland Locksmith logo.

Allan Gowland Locksmith have over 15 years of experience in creating rapid, cost-effective solutions to your locksmith needs.


The Ballencrieff

The exterior of the Ballencrieff pub in Bathgate, with green shrubbery in window boxes.

The newly-refurbished Ballencrieff in Bathgate is ideal for food all day, with great prices, live sports and music, and daily specials.


J. Donoghue Roofing & Building Services

J. Donoghue Roofing and Building Services logo.

Bathgate-based and highly-experienced, J. Donoghue Roofing & Building Services offers extensive and friendly home improvement services.


Dreadnought Rock

Dreadnought Rock logo.

Dreadnought Rock in Bathgate is Scotland's longest-running rock club, featuring live music every Friday and Saturday and a nightclub upstairs.


Enterprising Bathgate

Enterprising Bathgate logo, with the slogan 'Scotland's First Business Improvement District.'

Enterprising Bathgate proudly sponsor Regal Radio as well as helping to grow businesses and help entrepreneurs in Bathgate.

HcL Dial-a-Bus and Dial-a-Ride

HcL Transport logo.

HcL's services provide transport for anyone with mobility challenges in West Lothian. Dial-A-Ride can take you wherever you need to go in and out of West Lothian, and Dial-A-Bus will take you to shops across West Lothian. Find out more and book on their website.


Lothian PAT Testing

Lothian PAT Testing logo.

Lothian PAT Testing Scotland provides electrical inspection services for landlords and small-medium sized businesses. We can also conduct Legionella assessments for landlords - a legal requirement if you rent out a home.


Niddry Castle Golf Club

Niddry Castle Golf Club logo.

West Lothian's jewel in the crown. An 18-hole golf course with excellent greens all year round.


RKAB Works Photography

RKAB Works Photography logo.

RKAB Works is a family of Bathgate-based headshot photographers who take amazing photos of performers, businesses and anyone who needs that professional look.


Scottish Country Mafia

Scottish Country Mafia logo.

The Scottish Country Mafia is a Facebook group of people with one thing in common - a love of country music! Check it out and join the family.


VSL Regalia

You're proud of your company and you're proud of your staff so have them wear the company logo with pride.


Wall to Wall Music

Wall to Wall Music logo.

The one-stop shop for all your music needs, plus events and promotion for local musicians.


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